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The Rowan and The Wren

In my mind, The Rowan and The Wren, feels like a half remembered myth, an almost but not quite forgotten piece of folklore, a story scratching at the edge of my memory, but when I grasp for it, it slips away.

My pictures often randomly appear in my mind like this, demanding to be drawn or painted. The more I think about this process of making art, the more I realise that my book is about exactly that; pictures that could be myths, art that alludes to memories, images that have an unknown narrative waiting for the viewer to write their own stories.

With this as my starting point I’m going to spend the next year drawing and painting. From time to time I will post my pictures or WIP and ask my supporters to submit stories or folklore inspired by the art.

I can’t promise I will publish anything, this is all an unknown land to me, but its an experiment in creativity and collaboration. And I for one am very excited by what might happen.

Follow to see what happens.......


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