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Inspiration - Expression - Impression

Oil Paintings


My passion for painting bloomed from a single moment in my childhood. My moment was when I was five years old – sitting with my mother. I watched her as she lit a match and held it upside down so that it would burn as much of the wood as possible. With this tiny piece of homemade charcoal and paper she drew a portrait of me. I remember not only the drawing, but also the feeling of awe, being so young I thought that I was seeing magic! To recreate something so true to life out of burnt wood and paper, to my mind was – and still is – fantastical. I want to be able to create magic. I love colour and use it to express emotion, capturing not the look of a place, but a feel of a place........


I want to create that feeling of awe and amazement and its what keeps me moving forward. Knowing that my work has touched so many people is wonderful. 

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