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Written by the international recognised author Joanne Harris and published by Gollancz.

For this book I created nearly 30 black & white original pencil illustrations including these end pages inspired by the authors own daughter and bluebell woods.


For more information Joanne has created a handy Q&A page on her website

As well as a useful guide to reading groups:

What the critics say.....

The way the author discusses themes such as grief, identity, loss and family is done with such grace and beauty, and this paired with illustrations by the incredibly talented @bonniehelenhawkinsartist that are as timeless as the tale itself, it all comes together to make for one gorgeous read.


There are absolutely fabulous illustrations inside to accompany this story, produced by Bonnie Helen Hawkins. They are striking and evocative; sometimes dark, sometimes filled with beauty and emotion and always atmospheric and outstandingly drawn. She expertly interprets the written word in the most artistic way. How each character is captured and each picture also tells a story is petty awe-inspiring as they leap off the page (almost). Between Bonnie Helen Hawkins and Joanne Harris, they are creating the most wonderful and beautiful books together. 


I obviously cannot finish without passing comment on the fantastic artwork by Bonnie Helen Hawkins. The illustrations add an extra dimension to the story and really do the author’s words justice. They really are a thing of beauty.

James Tormey

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