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"It is spring, moonless night in the small town, starlessand bible-black,"

Hello Friends,


As the days grow longer and May creeps closer, so does the opening of my Under Milk Wood exhibition. I’ve been working on this arts project in private for such a long time that now I need to talk about it I’m actually rather nervous!


The Under Milk Wood exhibition is the biggest arts project I’ve ever conceived of and self actuated. Featuring over thirty original and complex drawings this project will bring together language, sound and visual art in a way that will hopefully tickle your imagination and inspire you to create some art too.


The first Under Milk Wood exhibition starts at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre on the May 18th and will be there until the 11th August before moving on to The Mid Wales Arts Centre (later in 2024) and then MOMA Machynlleth (in early 2025)


As part of the exhibition, the team at Llantarnam Grange are hoping to create a mini Dylan Thomas Symposium on 14th May (Dylan Thomas Day). Save the date and join us. If all goes to plan several experts will be presenting insightful talks and workshops to highlight the humour and humanity of this masterpiece of modern literature.

When I first conceived of an exhibition to illustrate Under Milk Wood, several people suggested to me that I should only draw famous Welsh people as the main characters. I was advised that that would be the only way to encourage visitors to see my exhibition, if it were the faces of the famous. But I refused again and again becausethis exhibition is about ordinary people, with ordinary lives, the complexity and the subtlety, the beauty of the everyday and the ugliness of it all.

I’m by no means an expert on Dylan Thomas but I can feel the soul in his words and that’s what I’m trying to draw. I want you to come to the exhibition and see bits of your everyday life reflected in the images, just as Dylan reflected everyday life with his words. To do this I’ve used several members of my family to pose as models; paying them to take part with promises of a home-cooked Sunday lunch!

Of my four big brothers who will be in the drawings I would like to introduce you to the first two

Here is Steven, my big boss brother, who for our entertainment will swallow “a fish” as Mr Cherry Owen.

And this is my super funny brother Michael, who sportingly the part of the hopeless Mr Ogmore in my Mrs Ogmore-Prichard drawing.

Picture Reveal: Mrs Willy Nilly

And now as a special treat I’m excited to unveil a brand new finished drawing that will be part of the exhibition. Mrs Willy Nilly, the ultimate nosy neighbour that steams open every letter to read before her husband Mr Willy Nilly the postman has a chance to deliver them!

Several items within this drawing were inspired by the Birthplace 5 Cwmdonkin Drive, the range, the kettles and the cups are all pieces foundwithin the house.

Prints of all the art will be available soon on my website so keep following for more info.


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