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Expressive art inspired by diverse landscapes, childhood memories and a deep emotional connection to nature. 
Autumn in the Air..jpg
Bonnie's work is beautifully aesthetic, often large in scale, and always emotionally powerful. Although there is no doubt that land, sea and sky play a major role in her work, Bonnie's process is both emotive and narrative at once, her compelling and immersive works juxtapose harmonious journeys and instinctively orchestrated moments of light and dark that reach out to share a warmth, evoking hope and a positive strength from even her darkest of pieces.

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"My work is about the felt response to place. Those times when we see the majesty of the natural world unfurl —in sunsets, mountains, meadows or streams— we often find that the experience lingers with us. My aim is to create art that carries those who view it back into the wild places."
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