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June Newsletter

Hello Folks,

I'm about to post my June newsletter which will include a free downloadable colouring page, a practice lesson for my students and some short films of painting. Please subscribe if you want to recieve the newsletter.

When lockdown started I thought it would be easy for me, after all I'm an artist and already spend a vast number of hours alone in the studio working. Yes, missing family has been unbearable especially went my mother has unrelated corona illnesses and I can't be there to look after her. But I never realised I would miss the most simple of things like going to a coffee shop, people watching and listening to snatches of conversation.

The national and world news is tragic. As well as this all my planned work for 2020 was cancelled, the childrens book I'm working on was suspended, the upcoming exhibition at Maven Gallery cancelled with no hope of it ever happening in the future. I hold my hand up, this has effected my health, I have had some very dark days. The only reason I can admit to this is because I know so many of you have been going thought the same thing. I sincerely hope that some of you are managing better and finding ways to thrive while staying safe. Thankfully I have had some wonderful support from friends who remind me, we are all in this together and its OK to not be OK.

In an attempt to stay sane I have retreated into my childhood and started to draw pictures that I dreamed off as a little girl, if you like I'm drawing my childhood fantasies which appear to be mainly about mermaids! This is top secret but it may well all turn into a book in the coming years.

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