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Spring is on its way.......

The sun is begining to warm me up and I can feel bursts of wonderful colour working its way into my oil paintings. That's why I'm so excited about my new project with the Maven Gallery.

Following the success of the ‘Force of Nature’ exhibition, last November at the Maven Gallery, Bath. The Gallery Directors have suggested we collaborate once again on a new project called ‘One Glorious Day’.

We are going to produce 12 interlinked oil paintings, created over the space of a whole year, reflecting our dramatic, glorious, tempestuous and sometimes magnificent weather here on this sceptred isle.

As part of the project each time a new painting has been completed the gallery is creating a signed, 150 limited-edition card featuring each painting and full details of size etc. It will be mailed to the galleries’ contacts and complimentary copies will be available from me.

Additionally I will be producing, to a very limited signed edition a fine-art reproduction of every new work. This can either be purchased separately or as a single portfolio edition of 12 images at the end of the year.

The first painting in this series: ‘The Dawn Comes Up Like Thunder’ is illustrated here. It is currently on exhibition at the Maven Gallery.

And yes, for those keen readers amongst you, the title is a quote from Kipling’s ‘The Road To Mandalay’

The painting is 36"x48", oil on canvas.

If you need to contact the Maven Gallery, please visit their website

In other news I will be visiting the London Book Fair later this month – if the coronavirus allows! My next blog with be a review of the event. I will also be writing about my visit for the "Words and Pictures" online magazine for the SCBWI, my first venture into proper writing!

For more detailed information please sign up to my newsletter via the home page on my website.

Best wishes and good luck to you all.

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