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June - mid year review

I can't believe its June and we are half way over 2020. This year has bought so many global problems, raging fires, devastating floods and a terrifying pandemic. Maybe one light in this storm is the raising awareness of racial injustice and the need to rebalance our society.

All these big BIG problems make me feel very small and insignificant - and while I try to stay positive I know there's not much I can do against the forces of nature and the evils of history, but we must never give up hope, because without hope we are all lost.

One thing I can look forward too is the release of "Orfeia" this coming September. Written by the fab Joanne Harris and illustrated by myself, I think it's the best story so far. For more information please link to Joanne's website

The thing I love most about this story is that its contemporary and as Joanne herself says the deserted streets of London are an uncanny reflection of our current situation. Here is a short film of Joanne reading from the new book

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