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This September blog brings you the latest updates on the Under Milk Wood illustration project, (written by Dylan Thomas), and includes exhibition dates. Also exciting news about arts projects I have worked on over the summer. The blog is free so I’m happy for you to share it. Stay connected and inspired by exploring the website and signing up for future notifications - you won't want to miss a thing: Link to Exclusive Under Milk Wood Page Meet Mr Cherry Owen, one of the many quirky characters of Under Milk Wood, who helps to add a touch of the surreal to every day small town life.

In the text we are told that Cherry is having a dream:- Second Voice Cherry Owen, next door, lifts a tankard to his lips but nothing flows out of it. He shakes the tankard. It turns into a fish. He drinks the fish. I simply could not resist Cherry’s rather bizarre dream, although as we will learn later in the play, its difficult for Cherry to distinguish between dreams and an alcohol fuelled hallucination. The model for my drawing of Cherry Owen was my beloved older brother Steven.

I’m so fortunate to have a family of (not always willing) models. But the secret of my success is usually feeding them homemade cake. Then most of my family will stand around like puppets, sometimes for ages while I adjust an arm, shoulder or tilt of a head and take pictures from all angles. On this occasion I bribed Steven with Sunday lunch, but he might not have been so willing if he had known I was going to put him in a silly paper crown. Somebody once said to me that Thomas wasn’t very nice to his female characters, the but truth is Thomas wasn’t very nice to any of his characters, male or female. Cherry Owen and his wife are figures of fun and I hope I have managed to capture some of that humour with this illustration. Dates for the finished exhibition are: Llantarnam Grange, Cwmbran 14th May - 11st August 2024 Mid Wales Arts Centre 14th August - 1st October 2024 MOMA Machynlleth. 1st February - 5th April 2025


And now for something completely different.

Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to create 56 - yes thats right 56 - large abstract paintings for a private development in Bath. The commission included a selection of cooperate colours but apart from that the scope was entirely up to me. All the paintings have now been delivered and are now hung. Unfortunately because the residential complex is private we can’t view the art. However I do have a short film and lots of photos.

I know this is a completely different style of art from what you are used to seeing from me, but the project was totally amazing and fun. I tried to fill the paintings with energy and took my inspiration from earth marks, the wether and elements. It was a total blast.

Although some of these photos are mock ups, everything was scanned and I’m currently developing a shop section in my website so that you can purchase signed limited edition prints from these exciting paintings directly from me. The Maven Gallery in Bath are holding a selection of original paintings and I’m busy working away on this exciting new direction. Its incredibly empowering working to a large scale and I'm genuinely passionate about this career development. If you have any questions either about these new paintings or the Under Milk Wood project, please do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is on my website and there is also a contact form for short messages. Don’t Be Shy Get in Touch

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