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What is KICKSTARTER and why use it?

Kickstarter is a public crowd funding platform especially designed and dedicated to the arts and creative projects. If you need further general information about Kickstarter please use this link.

In essence Backers of our Shed Calendar project pledge money to support the project and help bring it to life. In return for these pledges of money, the Backers can chose to receive one of a number of different rewards. But don't worry Kickstarter is all-or-nothing platform. No Backer will ever be charged for a pledge towards a project unless it reaches its funding goal. This way, creators always have the budget they need to move their project forward. For example if I need £2000 to print and post the calendar and the Backers pledge £2001, the project will go ahead. However if the Backers only pledge £1999 the calendar will not be published. 


What will the Calendar look like?


The calendar will be A4 in size, opening to A3 when hung. To reduce waste the calendar will be saddle stitched with a drilled hole for hanging. We will not be using any plastic in the packaging so unlike many items, your calendar (or any other reward) will not be shrink wrapped.


Please note that although there are lots of online companies that offer to print calendars where you simply upload your images and they do the rest; I will not be using any of these services. Firstly because its difficult to guarantee the finished print quality. Secondly because I want the calendar to look unique, not just a standard "template". I want to add embellishments and extra design details that will make your calendar special, something you simply can't buy in a shop or from any other publisher. To help me achieve this I will be paying for the professional services of a graphic designer.

How much will the Calendar cost?

At this moment in time I don't know how much the calendar will cost. I have already started to contact printers and so far the quote received vary widely. One thing I can tell you is that Kickstarter can take up to a 10% commission on any money pledged to this project. This breaks down as, 5% will be taken for hosting the campaign and between 3-5% will be taken in payment processing fees. 


How will my calendar be shipped?


Your calendar will be shipped in a card mailer which can be recycled. The mailer will fit though an ordinary letter box, so you won't have to wait at home for your delivery. If you chose any of the other rewards, to reduce packaging and postal costs, those rewards will be shipped in the same mailer as your calendar.


Will the original paintings be available as a reward?


Yes the original paintings will be available as a reward tier - however the artwork will be shipped separately from the calendar and will need to be signed for.


What are the other rewards options?

At the moment I have not decided what the other reward options should be, but I will be asking supporters for their suggestions throughout the year. So far people have suggested that signed calendars would be nice while others have suggested that each painting should be available as a postcard. 

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