"This is a story of such a song. A song born of a mother's grief, given wings by a mother's love. A song of memory, and loss, and of the magic of everyday things. A song of  rebirth, and rejoicing, and a love that lasts for ever. The song of a journey to Death and beyond.

And it starts with the death of a daughter."


This quote is taken from the first few pages of the book and suggested the journey to come for Fay. I know some people might find this drawing a bit scary but because of the nature of the story, scary was needed. I actually love love love this drawing, it is definately one of my favourites in the entire collection and thats why I chose to put it into print. Hope you love it too.


The Skull and Bee

  • "The Skull and Bee" is printed on A4 size paper, that is 297mm tall by 210mm wide. Although I can not recommand any particuler style of framing, it is usually possible to find ready made frames for this size of drawing.

    "The Skull and Bee" is a giclee print.

    The drawing is printed on a Fine Art bright white smooth matt paper. The paper is 100% cotton, acid free and archival. The inks are water-based and environmentally friendly.

Bonnie Helen