"ORFEIA" written by Joanne Harris. The quote that inspired this artwork.


"Within the clearing itself, the ground was covered with bluebells - their sleepy scent reached her faintly through the crack in the pavement. And there, asleep in the bluebells, was a girl all dressed in white, under a blanket of wild rose"....


ORFEIA the third in a series of folklore novella's written by Joanne Harris and illustrated by myself.


I created over 28 black and white pencil drawings for the inside illustrations not including the end pages inspired by Burnt-Jones and used Joanne's own daughter as the model for the sleeping Daisy. Before you ask, I did not count the number of hours it took to draw this picture, lets just say it was a labour of love and one that I was grateful for.


The drawing of Daisy amongst the bluebells has a gothic romantic quality which I love and I can honestly say I'm very pleased with the way the original drawing turned out. 


You might be interested to know that although the drawings are being printed as black & white in the book; the original drawings were created on a slightly buff coloured, smooth paper called Stonehenge, its lovely and soft to work on, the pencil just glides across the surface and being an off white I don't get eye strain while drawing all that detail. I have tried to preserve the slightly antique colour of the original drawing in the prints.


All work is signed.

Sleeping Daisy

  • "Sleeping Daisy" is printed on A3 size paper, that is 297mm tall by 410mm wide. Although I can not recommand any particuler style of framing, it is usually possible to find ready made frames for this size of drawing.

    "Sleeping Daisy" is a giclee print.

    The drawing is printed on a Fine Art bright white smooth matt paper. The paper is 100% cotton, acid free and archival. The inks are water-based and environmentally friendly.

Bonnie Helen