The quote that inspired this drawing......


And at that he and Mabs disappeared silently into the smoke, he into a cloud of black butterflies, she into a cloud of silver ones, and if Fay had been watching them, she might have noticed that as they stood together in the moonlight, neither the man nor the woman had cast even the smallest shadow"


All work is signed.



Mab with Butterflies

  • "The Hallowe'en King" is printed on A3 size paper, that is 410mm tall by 297mm wide. Although I can not recommand any particuler style of framing, it is usually possible to find ready made frames for this size of drawing.

    "The Hallowe'en King" is a giclee print.

    The drawing is printed on a Fine Art bright white smooth matt paper. The paper is 100% cotton, acid free and archival. The inks are water-based and environmentally friendly.

Bonnie Helen