This is not a named character in the book, but there were so many wonderful descriptions of the Fae that I simply could not help myself.  Both Joanne and I are of the same opinion, neither of us believe that the Fae are always pretty little creatures, some are frightening, most are dangerous and all are magical. But of course with their glamours and magic they can appear as anything they like, even flowers.


This story gave me the prefect opportunity to draw as many interesting faces as I wanted, with Joannes full support. All of Joanne's characters are real, all have feelings, opinions and are happy to express themselves.

Crowned with Flowers

  • "Crowned with Flowers" is printed on A4 size paper, that is 297mm tall by 210mm wide. Although I can not recommand any particuler style of framing, it is usually possible to find ready made frames for this size of drawing.

    "Crowned with Flowers" is a giclee print.

    The drawing is printed on a Fine Art bright white smooth matt paper. The paper is 100% cotton, acid free and archival. The inks are water-based and environmentally friendly.

Bonnie Helen