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Introducing our enchanting Day of the Dead Notebook, a perfect blend of dark allure and artistic beauty, designed to celebrate Día de Muertos, or add a touch of Halloween-inspired charm to your life.

This notebook features a captivating illustration of a skull adorned with intricate flowers and a hauntingly beautiful Deathshead Moth on the cover. It's a tribute to the rich traditions of Day of the Dead and the allure of the Gothic aesthetic. Each page inside is ruled, providing ample space for your thoughts, sketches, or even spooky stories.

Whether you're an artist, writer, or simply a lover of the macabre, this notebook is your canvas for creativity. Its unique design is sure to spark your imagination and inspire you to embrace the darker, more mysterious aspects of life.

This Gothic Notebook isn't just a stationery item; it's a statement piece that speaks to your individuality. Use it to jot down your deepest reflections, creative ideas, or eerie tales, and let the spirit of the Day of the Dead and Halloween accompany you year-round. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add a touch of dark elegance to your collection. Purchase your Gothic Notebook today and awaken your inner poet or artist!



.: One size: 5.5" × 8.25" (14 cm x 21cm)
.: Off-white ruled paper - 96 pages (192 sheets)
.: Four accent colors to choose from
.: Smooth, black matte hardcover
.: Matching inside cover, rubber band, and paper edges
.: Features blind deboss brand imprint


Day of the Dead Notebook

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