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March 2023

Tweet for the 1st March

"And this morning the Shed is a Mad March Hare all tangled up in the promise of spring....."


A long time ago my family and I lived in Wiltshire. We were surrounded by fields, trees and wildlife. Foxes, badgers and deer were common sights, but the animals that were the most intriguing, the most charismatic, almost magical in the way they appeared and disappeared were the hares.


Although the hares lived around us all year, we only ever really saw them in the spring. Unlike the other wildlife, the hares were bold, often standing up on their back legs to stare us out. Boxing and racing around the fields they became a symbol of the awakening year. So when March came around I just knew I had to paint a hare as part of the shed tweet calendar. But, and this is a big but, I wasn't sure what the painting would look like as Joanne had not yet written the tweet! So I started to think about what spring means to me and this is the result; colour, magic and divine energy. This painting is my personification of the never-ending flow cosmic energy.

Joanne has done a fantastic job at writing a shed tweet to fit around my painting, I'm really proud of this and hope you like it. Secret to share with all you writers out there, I really hope to do a lot more wildlife illustration in the future and want both hares and foxes to appear in more of my artwork - bucket list book about magic wildlife animals.

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