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February 2023 

Tweet for the 1st February 

"And this morning the shed is a faded tattoo of a shed on the arm of a circus strong-man; caught between a death's head moth and the knowing wink of a pin-up girl."

The Strongman - February.jpg

Surprisingly this is the actual tweet that first inspired the Shed Calendar.


As soon as I read this tweet I just had to illustrate it. In fact the picture, almost exactly as you see it here popped into my head fully formed. And of course who better to be a slightly evil circus strongman but a notorious Hollywood star. Not mentioning any names but hopefully you can recognise my inspiration. But please don't think I have tried to slavishly copy the great actor's face. No instead I've made a few subtle changes.

Can you see that I've lowered the hairline a bit giving him much more hair than usual. I've also shaved off a little bit of jawline and removed some wrinkles from around the eyes. Of course I don't think that in any of his acting roles, he ever got the opportunity sport an over the top Victorian moustache, but I might be wrong. I absolutely loved painting this and I hope you can see the love in every brush stroke.

Joanne has done a brilliant job at introducing this film so I hope you like it.

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